Jessica Engström

Jessica Engström
Being a geek shows in all parts of her life, whether it be organizing hackathons, running a user group and a podcast with her husband, game nights (retro or VR/MR) with friends, just catching the latest superhero movie or speaking internationally at conferences.
Her favorite topics is UX/UI and Mixed reality and other futuristic tech. She's a Windows Development MVP. Together with her husband she runs a company called "AZM dev" which is focused on HoloLens and Windows development.

Occasionally blogs at which kind of shows her love for cats... and pink.. mostly pink.

schedule AzureDay

9th of September

Jessica Engström
14:45 - 15:45
Holo world - create your first HoloLens app with Unity

language: English
HoloLens breached a barrier, a barrier between the digital and the real world, bringing digital content into our world. Over the past year the HoloLens has continued to create new ways to visualize, to change education and the medical industry. HoloLens is not only for games it is a Business platform (that is game enabled). Using Unity we can create an experience that lets you bring digital content and interact with the real world.

During this session we will take a look at the HoloLens hardware, the possibilities, the limitations and tooling. We will take a look at the basics of Unity and also create a HoloLens app from scratch complete with Gaze, Air Tap, Spatial mapping and Voice using HoloToolkit.;