Jimmy Engström

Jimmy Engström
Ever since Jimmy got his first ZX Spectrum at the age of 7 he hasn't stopped programming. During the day he is a .NET developer and he does all the fun stuff during his spare time. Together with his wife he also runs a company "AZM dev" which is focused on HoloLens and Windows development. He is really passionate about Windows development, HoloLens or well you could say the .NET platform really. He and his wife also runs a code intensive user group (Coding After Work) that focuses on helping participants with code and design problems, and a podcast with the same name. Back in 2011 he received the "geek of the year" award, a title well deserved. He is certainly living up to the title with everything from developing and gadgets to superheroes and cosplaying at the sci-fi faire. He speaks at various types of events including NDC, Devsum, hackathons, Swetugg and TechDays which led to him becoming a Microsoft MVP in Windows Development.

He occasionally blogs at www.apeoholic.se
Podcast: www.codingafterwork.se

schedule AzureDay

9th of September

Jimmy Engström
16:00 - 17:00
Designing for speech

language: English
All the big companies are making huge investments in AI personal assistants. Amazon has Alexa, Google has Google assistant, Apple has Siri and Microsoft has Cortana to name a few. For most people talking to their devices still feels a bit strange. According to Comscore, 50% of all searches will be made by voice by the year 2020. Today 40% of adults use voice once per day.

Designing a natural language interface can be difficult, is the interface supposed to be able to interpret every single nuance of speech and how about slang? Or should we aim more towards forced language and make our users learn how to interact with simple commands?;